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LED Video Screen Rental Service in Portland, Oregon

Binnacle, an American LED video screen rental company from Portland, Oregon

A salute to American Troops with Patrick Lamb. The American Flag waving on a 17×10 ft Binnacle LED Video Wall.

Binnacle started providing LED video screen rental services in Portland, Oregon in 2014. We are AV geeks, admittedly. Our background in sound and lighting equipment, the music and entertainment industry, and all things tech has always kept our geek curiosity piqued and tuned in to the evolution of event production technology. We have worked in this field in one form or another since we were teenagers. While Binnacle is a new business, we have many years of experience working with the equipment that makes event production happen.

In addition to our technical experience, we carry into this venture a long history of working with many of the event technology production companies in Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Relationships with these businesses and the people behind them are very important to us. We look forward to working with more professionals in the event production industry.  We consider the growth of these new relationships and the growth of our existing bonds with long-time industry colleagues and friends to be our number one asset and priority.

The main tap root to our connection with the event and entertainment production network in Portland and the Northwest is Pro Sound & Lighting. Though Binnacle is a separate company, we do work closely with Pro Sound & Lighting and hope to carry forward the same principles of integrity, honesty and excellent customer service for which PS&L has been recognized over the last 20+ years.

Since our first event in August 2014, we have already been fortunate to work with a lot of top-notch production professionals, musical talent and organizations. We were part of a technical masterpiece produced by New Heights Church with staging, roof structure and lighting provided by High Performance AV. We are grateful to Meyer Projection Systems who gave us the opportunity to provide an LED video screen for Rock ‘n Roll legends KISS at a private acoustic benefit concert just outside of Portland, Oregon in the town of Lake Oswego. This event found us working with some of the best production talent in the Northwest, including Greenlight Creative, Stages Northwest, Horne Audio and Event Power & Lighting. We were fortunate to work with Compassion First on their inaugural Lantern Walk which raises funds and awareness to help victims of sex trafficking. Binnacle provided a 17×10 ft LED Video Wall for the 2014 Oregon Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Concert at the Aladdin Theater in Portland. This event featured Nu Shooz, Norman Sylvester, Jay “Bird” Koder, and a long list of renowned Oregon bands and performers.

The first half of 2015 found us working events for both new and existing clients.  Binnacle worked with great local production companies such as Satis&fy, West Coast Event Productions, Acme Scenic and Display, and Really Big Video, to name a few.  We provided a video banner at the Vancouver Hilton for Monsters Dance.  Royle Media hired us to provide a video wall and side-wing video totem at Director Park for the filming of the 150th Oregon State Fair commercial.  This event was like being on the set of a Portlandia carnival mash-up.  Stilt walkers, marching band, reptiles, animals, hula hooper, actors, and a full video production crew made for one crazy day in Downtown Portland – crazy in a fun way.  We also had the good fortune to work with LIVE 95.5 Promotions and Alpha Media at “Flo At The Fair”, a concert featuring Flo Rida, Dillon Francis, Tori Kelly, Kalin and Myles, and Katy Tiz.  Binnacle provided an outdoor video screen at Ankeny Alley to display the webcast of Red Bull Flugtag Portland.  And we were invited back for our second year at New Heights Church Annual Summer Celebration.

Binnacle HD LED Video Screen Rental - High Definition LED Video Wall

This large HD LED Video wall can be rented in Portland, Oregon.

In 2016, we formed a strategic cross-rental partnership with MeyerPro in order to bring 200 high resolution indoor LED Video tiles to the Portland rental and production market.  Both companies have inventory from the same exact manufacturing run, and can team up for larger jobs when needed.  Keep in mind that, even if you have the same make and model LED panel, they only work well together side by side in a screen if they are comprised of LED’s from the same bin lot.  Because most manufacturers go through bin lots of LED’s pretty frequently, the importance of having panels from the same manufacturing run is paramount if you ever intend to put the panels in the same screen.  That is what we did with MeyerPro.  Our panels are from the same exact batch – so a panel from our inventory works perfectly with a panel from their inventory.  You will never see our equipment displaying the tell-tale sign of mismatched LED bin lots:  inconsistent color and image quality.

The ROE BP3 video panels are truly specimens of advanced engineering.  The connection hardware is faster than any of the countless other panels we evaluated.  The rigging capabilities are sturdy and elegant.  The ground support system, for example, is a simple-looking concept, but is ahead of other manufactures in terms of ease of set-up, and minimized footprint.  Most importantly, screens built with these tiles look better!  We scoured the market for about a year before we decided on ROE BP3.  The magnetic alignment system allows for a perfect alignment on all three axes (x, y and z) or vertical, horizontal and the critical 3rd dimensional “z” axis, which when perfectly aligned in a video wall, provides a perfectly smooth flat plane of a video surface.  The symptom of a poorly aligned LED video screen is visible “seams” – you can see variations in picture quality in the seams between connected video panels.  This is a crucial factor when evaluating LED video screens.  There are a lot of lower cost LED panels on the market that do not address alignment as well as ROE, and it shows.

Our goal is to provide cost-effective LED video screen rental services with the best equipment available locally.  We understand the market for this technology in Portland and the surrounding area is not as prolific as in cities like Los Angeles, New York or Las Vegas, so our goal is to educate our clients so that they know quality equipment when they see it.  At the same time, we stay competitive with pricing, so you get the best of both worlds:  quality and competitive pricing.

We have been lucky to work with some great people.  We are booking all types of events for all seasons, both outdoor and indoor, so please give us a call if you think we can improve the production value of your event or digital signage application: 503-232-4889.  Please also check out our Facebook page, too.  For more information regarding our philosophy about working with other companies, please visit our “Collaborators” page.

LED Video Screen Rental: All-weather outdoor and indoor LED video walls can display lyrics, messages as well as video and image content at the same time

… and display it brightly so all the earth can see it! Binnacle video wall displays lyrics and message text layered on top of moving and static images. Photo by Geri Rovello