Large Video Screens for Graduations

Graduation Ceremonies on the Big Screen – Oregon and Washington

For a college, university, high school, or any institution in Oregon or Washington that needs to accommodate a large audience at a graduation ceremony, we have a rental solution for large outdoor and indoor video screens.  Large LED video screens will boost your school’s graduation ceremony to a new level of attendee engagement and enjoyment.  With live video displayed on a Binnacle LED video screen, graduation attendees will get a close-up view of their daughter, son, friend or family member as they receive their diploma – regardless of how far away they are seated.  Even if your graduation ceremony is outside, our outdoor-rated screens can be seen in direct sunlight.

IMAG on Binnacle LED Video Wall

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The technology that allows viewers to see these graduates from a distance is called image magnification (or IMAG).  You have probably seen IMAG in action at professional sporting events, large concerts, political events, award shows, etc.  The way it works is a simple concept:  a video camera captures the important moments of the graduation, while the live video captured by the camera is simultaneously displayed on a huge screen. The image on the screen is magnified, allowing people seated farther away to see a close-up image of what would otherwise be a smaller, less recognizable person in the distance.

As a Portland, Oregon rental and production company specializing in LED video screen rentals, Binnacle will set up what is sometimes referred to as a “jumbotron” at your ceremony site.  We will facilitate the display of whatever you want your attendees to see.  When your ceremony is over, we will take the screen away.  The set-up of the equipment will be done in a professional manner, ensuring a tasteful appearance.

A variety of different video and image content can be displayed on the screen.  We already mentioned live video, but our screens can also display photographs, text, logos, sponsorship information, award winners, schedules of events, faculty names, and much more. You could display fundraising calls to action, or recorded videos of important moments for the graduating class, or memorials and tributes to people who are important to the school.

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