Video Screen Rental For a Political Rally

Political Rally LED video screen rentals in Portland, Oregon –

Offering a Wide Range of Price and Size Options

Political Rally video screen rental Portland, OR. Hillary Clinton on large led video screen.

LED Video Screen for Political Rally – Testing coverage of Hillary Clinton on a 20 ft LED Video Screen

As many of us have seen on the widely televised presidential debates, the backdrop usually consists of one or more large LED video screens displaying patriotic imagery. The resolution of these LED screens is usually higher – or what we describe as “having a tighter pixel pitch”.  Pixel pitch is the distance between the centers of adjacent pixels in a video screen and is measured in millimeters (mm).  The lower the pitch value, the higher the resolution. This is because the lower the distance between pixels,  the more pixels can fit in a given area, thus allowing more detail to be displayed within that area.

Binnacle now has local availability of 200 higher resolution LED video panels that have a pixel pitch of 3.9 mm.  This “tight” pitch is perfect for backdrop video and imagery, and a great fit for broadcast and live political rallies and events.

Because of our large rental inventory of ROE BP3.9 LED video panels, we can accommodate the needs of a wide range of budgets and size requirements. As much as we love to set up 30 foot wide video screens, we have no problem renting smaller, more affordable LED video screens.  Just as political rallies can range in size and coverage from the local municipal levels on up to the national congressional and presidential levels, so can the size of our rental video screens.

Use of LED video screens for political events does not necessarily mean the focal point must be a talking politician.  Binnacle has been involved with a number of events where social media feeds and local coverage of the populous were the primary video content displayed on the screen(s).  It is possible to have a multimedia political event in Portland at which large video screens are displaying anything from a debate to live streaming social media feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Event organizers can have the ability to moderate social media feeds from people who may be simply posting an opinion with a photo, or feeding their own video commentary or interview.

Binnacle has the equipment to bring these LED video screen rental services to outdoor and indoor events.  So, if you are planning a political rally, event or party and want local rental access to the type of impactful video display equipment that is being used at the presidential campaign level, give Binnacle a call and we will be happy to answer your questions: 503-232-4889.