3 mm LED Video Wall Rental Portland

3 mm LED Video Wall Rental – Now Available!

Portland, Oregon now has TWO HUNDRED (200) ROE 3 mm LED Video Panels locally available for the rental and production market.  In the realm of 3 mm LED video wall rentals, these LED tiles are awesome! With great ground support and hanging options, the ROE indoor LED display panels can be quickly deployed in a variety of configurations, such as:

  • High Definition LED Video Wall (1920×1080)
  • Wide format LED Video Banner
  • LED Video Proscenium (see video)
  • Portrait-oriented LED Video Totem (see video)

And these are just several examples of the versatility of configuration. These panels will be an excellent digital signage rental tool for trade shows, conventions, product launches, and applications in which creative and functional configurations need to be placed exactly where people will see them.  For example, picture a 6 foot 5 inch tall by 3 foot wide display totem standing at the entrance of your event. This human-size video totem could not only display the pertinent logos, event schedule and announcements, it could display video of a life-size person speaking the information you wish to convey.  Furthermore, it could be scheduled to loop and change between different sequences of content delivery.

With the tighter pixel pitch of 3mm video panels, and the quantity of panels now available, an HD LED Video Wall rental is now available in Portland, Oregon. This high resolution video wall is available in sizes ranging from 25 to 30 feet wide. Of course, smaller screens are also available in 16:9 format, as well as many other aspect ratios.

Need multiple screens at your event?  No problem!  We know events often need multiple screens.  Whether they are needed in different spaces, or as mirrored IMAG wings for a stage, we can provide the processing and equipment necessary to deploy multiple LED video screens.

For pricing, availability and other rental info about our 3mm LED display panels, please call us at 503-232-4889.