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Portland, Oregon LED Wall Rental Services

LED Wall Rental Portland Oregon - Binnacle LED Wall in the rain for an outdoor event

Rain or shine, indoor or outdoor, LED Wall rental services tailored to your event.

The production company, advertising firm, or video wall client who types “LED Wall rental Portland Oregon” into a search engine, should find results for companies who are based in and work in Portland, Oregon.  The benefits to working with local companies go beyond efficiencies of cost, communication, and general understanding of the local industry.  It comes down to relationships and trust.  When you hire Binnacle for LED wall rental services, we know we have to give 110% in order to maintain our reputation and give you a reason to hire us again.  We have been working in the rental and production industry in Portland for decades.  We know we live and work in a relatively “small pond”.  The LED wall rental industry itself is relatively small, but on a local level, it is Binnacle and a few other good companies to choose from. We know you have a choice, and we know our other LED wall colleagues in Portland provide excellent service. In fact, we enjoy working with them whenever we have the opportunity.  We have been fortunate to find that most people in the rental and production industry in Portland are great, hard-working, conscientious people. Binnacle’s mission is to provide LED wall rental services for local production companies, firms and agencies, and to do it with a professional attention to detail, a diligent work ethic, and a pleasant disposition.

Binnacle started as an LED video wall company geared for outdoor events in Portland, Oregon. With our 9mm outdoor LED tiles, we have done both indoor and outdoor events, but we plan to expand into higher definition LED wall rental inventory very soon. With a tighter pixel pitch LED tile available to rent in Portland, our clients will be able to accommodate the need for higher definition at closer proximity. We will be able to provide our clients the tools to meet the more demanding requirements of corporate event video applications, commercial shoots, broadcast production, and advertising.

So, stay tuned as we continue to grow our LED wall rental inventory.  We look forward to being able to provide the best tools for the job, whether the job is faced with the rigors of outdoor video in the sun and rain, or the demanding requirements of mission-critical corporate and commercial video production.

LED Wall rental Portland Oregon - Creative use as scenic display for Nike event

LED Wall displaying satellite image of a city at night. Creative scenic design by Acme Scenic and Display utilizing a Binnacle LED wall.