The Source for LED Video Walls and LED Video Screens in Portland, Oregon

Binnacle LED Video Walls - A view from behind

Behind a 17×10 ft Binnacle LED Video Wall at an outdoor New Heights Church event.

Binnacle specializes in providing large LED Video Walls for all types of events. We service Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Our regional focus allows us to provide our LED Video Screen production services at a significant discount to the alternative, which is paying the added premium for an out of town company to truck in the equipment and labor. We would be happy to discuss your needs and provide a quote for your upcoming event.

Our LED video panels are outdoor-rated and bright, so they can be used at almost any type of event, indoors or outdoors, rain or shine. We can adjust the brightness of our screens so that they can become an extension of a lighting designer’s light show, and can also be capable of displaying video and image content in direct sunlight.

Needless to say, the Pacific Northwest is known to have a few rainy days. It is also home to people who don’t mind getting outside to enjoy events regardless of the weather. Our screens have an IP-65 rating, which means our screens will work in the rain.

Binnacle started in 2014. We carry into this venture a long history of working with many of the technical event production companies in Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Relationships with these businesses and the people behind them are very important to us. We look forward to working with more professionals in the event production industry.  We consider the growth of these new relationships and the sustenance of our existing bonds with long-time friends and colleagues to be our number one priority.  To read more about collaboration with Binnacle, click here.

For pricing, general information, or to learn how LED Video panels can be configured to provide LED Video Walls, Banners, Totems, Prosceniums, or other layouts for your upcoming event, please call us today at 503-232-4889.

Video Wall in Action:

Binnacle Video Wall at The Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon

Nu Shooz performs at the Aladdin in Portland after being inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame. Binnacle utilizes Arkaos Media Master to display the Nu Shooz logo and moving graphics on a 17×10 ft video wall.

We do get asked by friends in Portland what a video wall actually is.  Of course, video wall seems pretty self explanatory – it is a wall that can display video.  But our friends are not asking for the obvious answer.  They want to know what we are doing with video walls.  How do we put a video wall together?  How do we make or gather the video and/or image content to be displayed on a video wall?  What is the difference between a video wall and an LED Video Panel?  Can I take a picture on my iPhone and put it on a video wall?  Is a video wall the same as a video banner?  Why does the LED video wall look different when I am right in front of it, versus when I stand further away from it?  Do all LED video panels fit together?  And one of the most popular questions:  can we watch the Super Bowl on your video wall?

We have heard a lot of questions, and they are all good ones.  We will try to answer as many of these questions as we can on this web site as it continues to expand. The best way to get your questions answered, though, is to call us at 503-232-4889, or contact us via our contact page.  We will be happy to tell you all about our video walls, screens, banners, prosceniums and panels, and answer your questions to the best of our ability.