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Binnacle, LLC is an LED Video Wall rental and production company in Portland, Oregon.  We specialize in providing indoor and outdoor LED Video Screens and LED Video Walls for all types of events in the Pacific Northwest with competitive local pricing.  If you need LED video panels for digital signage in Portland, Oregon, call Binnacle at 503-232-4889. If you need a large LED video wall for an outdoor or indoor event in or around the Portland, Oregon area, give us a call.  Our rental LED tiles are bright and eye-catching, making them the perfect visual production tool for attracting the attention of attendees, or potential customers. Binnacle LED Video Walls can display any type of image content.  Whether your event or digital signage needs require video, photos, logos, advertising or sponsor information, our large LED Walls will display your visual content in a large, bright format that grabs attention. Text, sports scores, artwork, animations, call to action, and any other types of visual information can be displayed on our rental LED screens. Binnacle will deliver, set up and tear down the LED panel rental equipment for your event. We will also provide tech support, video scaling, video content consulting, video content management, and whatever support you need in order to make your event or project a success.

We have LED video wall rental options that are outdoor-rated and bright, so they are ideal for outdoor events. Maybe you are planning an outdoor event and need people to easily view a screen in direct sunlight. Binnacle has outdoor-rated LED video walls with a brightness rating of 5000 nits, which are bright enough to be seen in direct sunlight.

What about the rain? No problem. Our outdoor screens have an IP65 outdoor classification, which means they are suitable for use in the rain.

Perhaps you are a Lighting Designer who wants to incorporate video, color, or creative design imagery into your light show. Binnacle can help. We will work with you to balance the brightness of our screen to your desired level, scale your video content to our screen, and even provide video mapping and pixel mapping tools and support to extend your creative scope.

Do you need to rent a high resolution LED Video wall with tighter pixel pitch for a fundraising event, auction, corporate event, trade show or a commercial shoot?  Binnacle has a large rental inventory of ROE 3mm LED video panels that can be set up more quickly than most LED Video screens on the market. The well-designed connecting hardware uses a magnetic alignment system that ensures excellent seam alignment. You may have seen LED screens in the past where the lines (or seams) between LED panels in a video wall are quite visible. This is not ideal, and is why we spent almost a year researching equipment options and analyzing many criteria of screen quality before we chose the ROE panels. Not only do these LED video panels have great resolution and image quality, the alignment engineering is some of the best we have seen and drastically reduces visible seams in the displayed video and image content. With local access to 200 of the highest quality 3mm LED video panels in Portland, Oregon, our production company colleagues and local clients are covered. We can provide small screens, huge HD LED video walls,  ground supported screens, hanging screens, video totems that welcome your guests, video banners than attract attention, video prosceniums that usher attendees in to your event entrance, or frame your new product in a video border that is impossible to ignore.

Binnacle caters to production companies working in the Portland, Oregon area, and we offer competitive rates for local events and production companies that would otherwise incur the cost of hiring an out of town company to truck in the necessary equipment and personnel.  Keeping it local saves you money.  We also offer competitive discounts to production companies.

Our LED Video screens are comprised of modular square LED video panels, also known as LED tiles, that can be configured in a variety of shapes and sizes such as traditional screen formats or “LED Video Walls”, vertical columns or “totems”, horizontal banners, prosceniums or arches, and a variety of other configuration options.

To learn more about pricing, applications, and how to rent an LED Video Wall in Portland, Oregon, please call us today at 503-232-4889.

Thank you for visiting the Binnacle website!  Please check out photos of rental LED video walls in action on our Gallery page.